The Massif is geographically a plateau, which makes access very easy, we also have free access to water and there is no competition for its use. Also, the communities close to the projects are very friendly with mining.


Santa Cruz has a highly favorable geology for the prospection and exploration mainly of gold and silver prospects that we find in abundance in the Deseado Massif structure, known worldwide for its geological conditions.


Fomicruz currently manages an important portfolio of Mining Properties within the Deseado Massif in Santa Cruz, in different stages and ready to be offered in joint ventures to the market.

Santa Cruz is the main exporting province of metals in Argentina with more than USD 1500 million in 2017.

540,000 Has of riches for you of Mining Properties Available for Joint venture with Formicruz.

The largest number of projects in production (6).

The largest number of projects under construction (3) in Argentina.

Fomicruz works to

Identify prospective areas, whether they are unknown or already known by other companies, and to secure them with mineral permits for their exploration and eventually, their development.
Determine the mineral potentiality of those areas by exploring them at the ground surface with geological and geophysical methods.
Develop its most prospective properties by drilling previously generated targets, for better interpreting the geological characteristics and configuration of the mineralized systems.
Join with private companies for the advanced stages of exploration of the projects and eventually, for their development into mines.

Mining Properties Available for Joint venture


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