• Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) in Patagonia

Fomicruz was created in 1988 for carrying out mineral exploration and exploitation, tasks that currently does by itself with its own financing or in association with other companies.

The company is mainly dedicated to explore for precious metals in the Deseado Massif, but it is also involved in the exploration for Uranium, in the extraction and processing of porphyry slabs, and in the oil business.

The ultimate goal of Fomicruz is to improve the socioeconomic level of the inhabitants in the Santa Cruz Province, by promoting the mineral exploration and development of new mines in the Province.

With that goal in mind, Fomicruz tries to achieve the following objectives:
► To identify prospective areas, whether they are unknown or already known by other companies, and to secure them with mineral permits for their exploration and eventually, their exploitation.
► To determine the mineral potentiality of those areas by exploring them at the ground surface with geological and geophysical methods.
► To develop its most prospective properties by drilling previously generated targets, for better interpreting the geological characteristics and configuration of the mineralized systems.
► To join with private companies for the advanced stages of exploration of projects and eventually, for their development into mines.

Fomicruz performs most of the exploration work with its own equipment and staff. It owns a fleet of several pickups and trucks, a backhoe, a diamond drill rig, and trailers for installing camps. In addition, the company owns equipment for specific geological and geophysical investigations, including a Terraspec reflectance spectrometer, two magnetometers and a portable XRF analyzer.

The company has a portfolio of mining properties acquired over several years of exploration, which together with its experienced staff, are the main assets of Fomicruz. These properties are at different stages of exploration, and several of them have given positive results, with the potential to host mineral deposits.

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